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Eio Books is proud to announce the newly released version of China Blues by Ki Longfellow.
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Published by Harper Collins under the name Pamela Longfellow, Ki Longfellow's first novel, CHINA BLUES, was the subject of a brisk English auction and then went on to be published in 8 languages.   It was also optioned by the prestigious Hollywood team of Zanuck and Brown.    Eio Books is proud to re-issue CHINA BLUES for a new generation of readers.  

The Roaring Twenties, Chinatown, San Francisoco: back-street blues and bathtub gin...hardball mobsters and hardheaded cops...seductive speakeasies and sizzling scandals.   As young Louis Armstrong blows his horn in the infamous Blue Canary, impetuous Nob Hill socialite Elizabeth Stafford Hamilton plunges into a reckless affair with mysterious Li Kwan Won.   Unknown to Lizzie, Li is the overlord of the city's vast bootlegging empire—and arch-enemy of her powerful husband, the San Franciso district attorney.   Suddenly Lizzie's privileged, upper-crust life is shadowed by danger and intrigue—as she's trapped between her lover and her husband while they battle for control of the city.  

From Chinatown's dark underworld to high society's glittering ballrooms, from garish bawdy houses to the corridors of power, China Blues weaves an unforgettable tapestry of a dazzling age in the city of dreams, when nothing seemed forbidden—and every pleasure was a sin...  

"Offbeat, unruly characters and vibrant atmosphere spill over the pages of this promising first novel set in San Francisco during Prohibition...   Bootlegging, the Tong Wars, smoky speakeasies, inept mobsters, and the Teapot Dome scandal zigzag through these pages like streaks of lightning.   The Jazz Era leaps to life."—Publishers Weekly


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